ILP Resources

Below are templates and materials for the Inquiry Learning Plan. We encourage you to download, use, and modify them for your courses. We just ask that you adhere to the Creative Commons license and let us know how you are using them!

ILP Templates

ILP Support Materials

ILP with Links to Further Explanations (from prior blog posts)

Unit Title

List the core materials below.List resources below that will aid your inquiry.

What I Will Learn

Please list your essential and guiding questions which you plan on pursuing this unit.
Please list all standards that you intend on practicing this unit. Remember, choose standards that you have not already mastered since you will have to demonstrate that you are getting better as the unit progresses.

Student Growth: The Learning Process and Reflections

Learning Activities: Throughout the course of each unit, you will complete nine activities. By the end of the unit, you will be synthesizing what you’ve learned about your texts and research to help you better understand your essential questions, and all of the standards must be addressed at least twice in the activities.
EQ Reflection: How do your texts and research relate to each other and to historical, modern, or personal examples? How does your work answer your questions?
Standards Reflection: What progress have you made towards your standards?
Repeat cycles of activities and reflections at least two more times. 

So What?: The Outcomes

Now that you’ve developed your skills, learned new information, and gained insights, what are you going to do? This final project should be influenced by the work you’ve completed these past few weeks.

  • First, determine what the main lesson of this unit is. What is your take-away in terms of the texts, standards, and essential questions? Then, decide who needs to know about what you’ve learned. Is there an important skill or lesson you want to share with others? Find an authentic audience and articulate why this person or group of people are the best audience for your lesson. What means will you use to communicate your discoveries?
  • Develop a rationale for your project in which you’ll discuss how your work has inspired you. Using your texts and standards, explain what you’ll do for your project in the space below.
  • Finally, create the product which you’ve outlined in your rationale and share it with your audience!

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